Nova Destroyer of Worlds- an interview

Nova may seem like a normal cat, however, with a nickname like the bourgeoisie, she is so much more. Nova has a plan for the ultimate cat takeover, she will not let anyone stand in her way. Her neighborhood is full of strays, ferals, and kitty pets alike, and they all report to her. Nova has spies everywhere, listening to every bit of data they can get their hands on. 

Nova has agreed to be interviewed to send a warning to the humans. A warning that says: “The cats are coming, so the humans better be ready”, Nova will not be holding back for anything, not even her favorite toy: the fabric snake. 

Nova’s goal is to return the world to when humans worshiped and served cats like gods. She will make the humans and their vermin dogs build giant temples and statues for felines everywhere. The world will finally be a Catopia, just as it should be. Nova does have one cat she despises though. Her pet cat, Vega, Nova’s half-brother. 

Nova the Destroyer gawking at humanity

Vega is an innocent cat who likes the way things are now. He does not have what it takes to be a cat warrior, and Nova will not put up with that. All Vega does is play and jump on Nova’s tail. So she retaliates by hissing and hitting him. Showing him who the boss really is, her, it will always be her. Hitting Vega to show him who’s boss has become a favorite pastime of Novas’ and she doesn’t think she will be softening up soon. No matter how cute Vega is.

Nova the Destroyer gawking at humanity

Vega just wants to play and cuddle, however, these ideals are beneath nova, even if she finds them nice from time to time. Many things are beneath Nova, like kindness, hospitality, sweetness, playtime, cuddling, happiness, and being humble. Nova has this mindset that because she can understand what humans say, she can do anything. 

Who knows how far Nova’s rebellion will go. She is training day and night, preparing for the war of a lifetime. The cat takeover is upon humanity, and they need to figure out if they will take Nova’s words seriously or disregard them, like everyone else. Vega has overheard her saying “This is not the first planet I have changed into a Catopia and certainly it will not be the last.” Nova has not been seen for a few days now. The last thing Vega heard her say was that “The rebellion is ready and war will be coming soon.” How soon exactly? No one knows.