A Musical Mathematician

Michael Larson, also called by students Mr. Larson, is a math teacher here at North Thurston High School. Being an addition to the math department, he has taught the classes Precalculus, Geometry, Algebra II, Algebra I, ELL Algebra I, and Pre-algebra. In 2008 Mr. Larson started his teaching career, and taught social studies, then moved onto 6th and 7th grade math, before coming to NTHS. When asked why he moved on from teaching social studies to math, Mr. Larson said he liked how some students were able to see the math in different ways, and there were new ways of working with the math. 

Aside from teaching, Mr. Larson enjoys his time outside of school in his newly bought house. Most weekends he enjoys dinner with his brother at the new house. Mr. Larson only has two brothers and maintains a close relationship with his family. 

Just recently, he has begun practicing to play a variety of pieces on his Dulcimer instrument. A Dulcimer is a type of musical string instrument invented in the 1900s. The Dulcimer is played by hitting the strings with small hammers. The instrument was first introduced to him a couple years ago by a cousin and he has been hooked ever since. A Dulcimer piece/song is sometimes played by Mr. Larson after a lesson, filling the classroom with beautiful sounds. His favorite piece played on the Dulcimer is “Stool And Apples.” At the next Multicultural Assembly be on the look out for Mr. Larson as he will be playing the Dulcimer alongside an Irish student dance.