Mrs. Ward – Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Ward is a teacher here at North Thurston, who primarily teaches Psychology and World History. She’s married and has two kids. Her daughter is 29, and her son is 17. Her daughter works for Hulu as a programmer and her son is in the process of graduating from Olympia High School.

She has a true passion for writing books. She’s already written five manuscripts and she’s currently working on one right now. She tends to write about historical events because that’s what peaks her interest. 

Something people may not know about Mrs. Ward is that she also went to North Thurston as a student and graduated as a proud Ram. She’s a local, born and raised Washington

One of her favorite memories being a student here at NTHS was when her and her friends would go over to Burger King during lunch, which used to be right across campus, and during their transition period from Junior to Senior year, they gathered as many cardboard crowns as they could carry. They colored them and brought them back to share with the rest of their class in celebration of them making it to senior year.

Meeting her husband, getting married, and having kids have been the best parts of her life. She would not trade any of it for the world. She’s also very happy and humble that she gets to teach at North Thurston.

Some of her greatest challenges were when she was going into college as a single parent while having to keep up with college tuition bills. She went through a rough patch, subbing for three years, then she was able to find a secure teaching position at Timberline. A little while later, she was ecstatic when she was able to come back to the Ramily.

Her advice for students is to be patient as well as enthusiastic for the future. Always put in your full effort and try your absolute best.