Democratic Nominee votes

Thank you to everyone who voted on the survey and gave us feedback! We would like to explain that the reason that the survey was titled Democratic Nominee is because the only Republican running is president Donald Trump, and the Democrats are currently deciding on their candidate. Many of you decided to separately vote for him anyway, so we included it in the pie chart below. There were also many votes in the other section but they did not fit the theme of this survey and were off topic. We held a separate survey where students could make any comments about the nominees. Some of those comments are below. So without further adieu, the winner of the Clash Of the Rams Democratic Nominee survey is…………Bernie Sanders!


We gathered a few comments and have some listed below. We did not ask permission to use names so we listed them all anonymously.

It seems that Bloomberg is the leading moderate democrat candidate and Bernie Sanders is the leading far left candidate. And though I believe either could win the nomination, Bernie has the power of a clean record while Bloomberg is a billionaire mayor who has a history of racism and sexism. In addition, if Bernie wins the nomination, then most of the left would end up voting for him. But if Bloomberg wins the nomination, then the far left wouldn’t budge and wouldn’t vote for him making it nearly impossible for Bloomberg to beat Trump, which I think Bernie can do. 

The nominees aren’t so hot.

They are all horrible and do not want to see the country succeed.

Sanders’ policies would be amazing if they were implemented,and I applaud his efforts and zeal with which he announces his ideas. However, I think voting for him would be kinda useless because he’s so incredibly socialist. Warren could actually win the vote because of her moderate views. But who knows! 

Joe Biden seems like a bad choice to me. Mike Bloomberg seems like the best possible choice that we have.