Andrew Galbraith

Andrew Galbraith, is a 17 year old senior here at North Thurston High School. He lives with his mom, dad, grandma, brother and sister. 

This artistically involved student is in theater and choir, and even went to a performing arts school from 6th to 8th grade. Andrew says he has always liked singing; he’s been doing so since 6th grade, so for about 7 years now. He also went to Disneyland with the choir!

Andrew considers the best part of his high school career to be participating in music and theater. On the flip side, he says the most challenging part of high school has been growing as a person. He said, “It was difficult finding out who I was when I had so much going on. I would tell any underclassmen not to worry, because the growth and maturity will come naturally.”

Some of his achievements are getting accepted to AMDA (The American Musical and Dramatic Academy) in New York City and being inducted as a thespian (actor). He’ll be heading to the Big Apple in October of 2020.

His typical day consists of waking up at 6:20, going to school, rehearsals, doing homework, and then going to bed.