Multicultural Club Creates Community

The Multicultural Club at North Thurston is a fantastic place to help students find their own voices. The club celebrates and displays the diverse students of North Thurston, with assembly performances that include cultural dances. On May 15, after several years, the group is bringing back the Multicultural Assembly which has created a sensational feeling for the club members… an assembly that relays the message of unity and diversity will continue to be celebrated once again. 

The Multicultural Club not only teaches students the importance of diversity at school, but also provides a platform to discuss current controversial issues. Leaders and members are always welcoming new motivated and passionate students to join the club. Along with talented members of the club you get to work alongside incredible teachers like Ms. Rowell, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Foppiano, and Ms. Solo in the movement to create change. 

The club co-president Tauilo Mauigo had this to say, “I’m truly blessed to serve as their president, it’s an irreplaceable feeling.” The other co- president is Lamour Tonuao.

If you are ever looking for a club to join, the Multicultural Club is an excellent choice to look into.