RC (radio-controlled) racing if you’re confused, is when people get together and race miniature cars around a track in an attempt to get first place (basically a normal car racing game). Many people know about it but very few people actually do it. North Thurston’s very own Nic Morhous is one of those racers. 

He is a fast and furious redhead Sophomore, with a passion for RC racing. He’s been doing this for 7 years now and he ain’t stopping anytime soon. His determination to be like his uncle has led him to be fast and on top of the competition. 

On a typical day, Nic would drive up to his favorite track in Tacoma, TRCR (Tacoma Remote control Raceway), his uncle’s track. It usually takes 10 minutes to get all his batteries charged up and to wash both his cars and it’s tires up for racing/bragging rights. Once the cars are charged, he starts his practice rounds on the track to prepare for the coming race. At 6:30, he packs up his dirty RC racers and hits the actual road home. The accomplishments he’s made over his career is staggering, with 3 top 5 trophies, and 7 top 10 trophies. 

Besides his love of baseball and working on project cars, his passion for RC racing runs hotter than a car engine. His prefered choice of racer is his two wheel buggy, making some cool tricks and scoring some epic finishers. Of course, like any other hobbie there are pros and cons. Nic’s pros are the people he meets and the memories with them. Nic’s greatest memories would be practicing hard all day and coming out on top in a race. The only thing that Nic has a gripe towards is the cost to keep everything in check and improving them. But what does it matter if you love the sport?

If you are curious about RC racing, then I would like to close this article with a quote from Nic himself: “Practice, practice, practice!”