Alex Martinez – Assistant Editor

Warm welcome to our new assistant editor for the RamPage, Alex Martinez! Alex is a Junior here at North Thurston, and is a part of the thrilling sport, wrestling. He thoroughly enjoys wrestling and has for over two years. He also plays rugby in his off time from wrestling.

One of Alex’s memorable achievements was when he placed 3rd in his weight training class last year. He also insisted on adding the fact that he won a trophy in 3rd grade for most eaten chips during a classroom competition.

Some things people might not know about Alex is that he loves movies. Getting away from reality and viewing stories and experiences through the eyes of others. He also has a tradition of going to My Morbid Mind with his friends for Halloween.

His favorite part about High School, so far, has been meeting so many new friends. Some of his least favorite times during High School include just the general overall studying and homework, which tends to feel like a chore.

Alex’s primary advice for incoming Freshmen is to be open to trying new things, you may not like a certain class, but try to be open-minded, and always give your best and full effort.