What is a god? Is it a lie? A concept? A hope? Who knows, as we cannot prove nor disprove their existence, we shall never know what a god truly is. Though, if you want an answer, I could give you my opinion. A god, is whatever you want it to be. To one person, a god may be some higher being of greater power. To another, it may be a character in a tv show, or someone that they know. I believe that a god is simply a title, that is why a god can be everything, but at the same time nothing. In the end, none of that really matters, the story about to be shown to you has no relation to this question, or does it? Who knows, what I do know, is that this is the story of Horiboribori and Hanasanasana.

Once upon a time, a lonely god wept. In an abyss of pure transparency, something that the human mind could never visualize. The god wept tears of black, it wept for a thousand years, eventually, its tears created the universe, but the universe was still empty. So then the god wept some more, it wept tears of gold, all of a sudden, stars came to be. The god proceeded to cry several times, each time its tears would be a different color, and eventually, the universe was filled, and it wept no more. After a few millennia, the god became bored, so it descended onto one of the many planets, and made its home there. It created life on the planet, and it created two humans. A male named Horiboribori, and a female named Hanasanasana. The god created them out of rainbow tears, and when it witnessed its creations, it was ecstatic. Finally, some company! The god let the two humans do whatever they pleased, as long as they followed two rules. One, that they would never abandon it, as it did not want to be alone again, and two, to not go inside of the tower near the eastern river.

The two followed these rules unconditionally, they talked to the god every day and never even thought about going to the tower. Eventually, Hanasanasana became pregnant with Horiboribori’s children. The god was sad that they spent less time with it than before, but it understood. After a while, the god gave the two humans immortality, because it did not want them to die. After about 3,000 years, humanity had spread all over the planet, and united by two rulers, Horiboribori and Hanasanasana. One day, Hanasanasana became curious and asked what was in the tower. The god asked her why she wished to know, and said that she was simply wondering. The god says that something horrible lived in that tower, Hanasanasana asked the god if it’s so awful, why was it created in the first place? The god did not know, and could not give a response. 

Many years passed and Hanasanasana could not take it anymore, her curiosity was eating away at her. She woke up in the middle of the night and headed to the tower, as she walked through the town, she was caught by Horiboribori who asked where she was going. Hanasanasana lied and said that she was going out for a walk, but Horiboribori who had lived with her for many years could tell she was lying. After a while Hanasanasana caved in to Horiboribori’s questioning  and told him that she was going to the tower. Horiboribori berated his lover, and reminded her the only two rules that they had. Hanasanasana said that she knew, but her curiosity was killing her, and he couldn’t stop her. Hanasanasana ran until she was in front of the tower, her lover following closely behind. She opened the doors and went in, she stayed inside for five minutes and told her lover that it was fine, and that nothing happened. She was then disintegrated.

Horiboribori screamed and looked around, he saw the god behind him and asked if this was his doing. The god said yes, and that he couldn’t do anything about what just happened. Horiboribori yelled at the god, saying that nothing happened and that his love did nothing wrong. The god saw the look in his eyes, and knew there was no convincing him of its innocence, so he gave the man two options. Go back home, or meet the same fate as Hanasanasana. Horiboribori declared what was a life without his true love, and entered the tower. The god evaporated him. Why did the god do it? ‘Cause he knew the truth about the tower, it knew that once they entered, there was no saving them. The rules it made were not so much rules, as they were warnings. The god was angry, sad, annoyed, but most of all it was lonely again. The god wiped out the universe, devastated at the loss of its two friends. Once again, it was stuck in an abyss of pure transparency, and it would stay that way forever, as it was too scared to create anything else, scared that once again, it would be betrayed. 

That was the story of Hanasanasana and Horiboribori, Hana and Hori for short. So, would you consider the god to be a god? Do you consider it’s actions to be god like? Or do you think that it acted like a devil? Who knows, in the end, everything is pointless, like did you know that the Japanese word for god is kami? Whether you did or didn’t it doesn’t matter, because like I said, it’s all pointless. The creation of the universe was pointless, the god ended up destroying it. The warning was pointless, the humans wouldn’t listen in the end. The god’s existence was pointless, as it did not want to be there. Thus ends the tale of KamiHanaHori.