Top 5 Tim Burton Films

Tim Burton on the Left, Photo Credit INSOLERA

Chances are, you have seen at least one, maybe two, or maybe all of Tim Burton’s films. He is one of the greatest movie makers of all time with his stylistic sets, characters, and stories. Below are my top 5 favorite movies he has ever made. They were judged on their stories, morals, visuals, score, and characters. 

5 – Bigfish (2003): To start, Bigfish should be placed closer to the number one spot, but the other films are just too good! This movie flies somewhat under the radar, but mustn’t be overlooked. An entire little town was built just for this movie, which allowed for exhilarating settings. It has pretty eccentric music, but the message is outstanding. You look up to the main character because no matter what, he always remains a moral person. This is a must watch.

4 – Beetlejuice (1988): Tim Burton’s, Beetlejuice, is absolutely just made for fun. It has probably the best soundtrack in any of Burton’s movies, and contains awesome environments, and a whimsical story that everyone can enjoy. Michael Keeton plays Beetlejuice perfectly and creates an unforgettable character.

3 – Edward Scissorhands (1990): Edward Scissorhands is probably Tim Burton’s most heartwarming movie ever made. It shows that no matter your differences, someone will love you for you. It is filled with creativity, cute and funny visuals, and interesting characters. This was hard not to put at second or first place, but always remains a near perfect movie.

2 – The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993): This, along with Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, is a cult classic. The Nightmare Before Christmas has something for everyone. It has some of the greatest visuals in a cartoon/stop motion movie ever, a perfect score done by Danny Elfman, and a great moral. There are few who haven’t seen this movie, but it is so touching, imaginative, and creative that you have to watch it time and time again.

1 – Ed Wood (1994): Ed Wood is possibly Tim Burton’s greatest hidden masterpiece. It doesn’t deal with the supernatural, but rather with the life of an eccentric Hollywood outcast. It contains comedic characters, amazing music, and a perfect plot. Ed Wood was possibly one of the worst filmmakers of all time, but this Tim Burton’s take on his life creates for possibly one of the greatest films of all time. It is all in black and white, just as Ed Wood’s movies were, but you mustn’t stray from watching this movie. It is fun, humorous, and Tim Burton’s best movie ever made.