Joseph Quintanilla

Joseph Quintanilla is a 17-year-old Junior. He is new to the RamPage and is looking forward to the work he can do writing-wise, as it’s a significant departure from his past hobby of sports. Joseph used to be very invested in sports, having played both baseball and basketball. Although he isn’t currently playing, due to scheduling, sports remain an impactful part of his life, with many of his role models being from the industry.

 Joseph has three sisters, two of which are currently serving in the air force, with the other working in Vancouver to become a cosmetologist. With his schedule starting at six in the morning and consisting of school, exercise, and homework, Joseph is also looking to add a part-time job to his list.

Despite academics being a struggle for him, Joseph looks forward to continuing his high school career and making new friends and making new experiences along the way. In regards to first-year students, Joseph’s advice is to stay focused and do your work, because you only do high school once.