Many students spend long hours studying and preparing for exams, which ultimately increases stress and anxiety. Developing efficient study skills and habits can help you perform better in class and on exams. These 5 tips may help you become better at studying.

1) Space It Out 

Hours of constant studying can lead to excess stress and tension that can burn you out. However, “spaced repetition” involves breaking up the information into small chunks and reviewing them constantly. 

2) A Designated Study Space 

Distractions while trying to study can challenge your focus, and you can lose your   concentration. Find a place that is free from distractions and comfortable, some options may be:

  • Library
  • A Coffee Shop
  • A Quiet Room 

3)  Make It Fun

If there’s something you need for studying, it’s motivation, and the best way to keep being motivated is to make it fun. You can listen to your favorite music or snack on your favorite sweets. Studying with a friend or even having mini-rewards makes studying more enjoyable.

4) Stay Organized 

Keeping track of assignments, notes, or lessons will help you stay on track with the class and boost your organization skills. Having a planer or a to-do list can help you track your responsibilities. 

5) Review Constantly 

A routine check of class topic notes keep concepts fresh in your mind that will help you for when it comes to your test. You’ll also come across areas that are weak spots, and you will be able to strengthen those sooner.