We Mustn’t Be Silent

Kevin Smith, Flickr

February is Black History Month. A time where all the great persons of color who have improved our society, are celebrated. On February 5th, some students participated in the “Day of Silence,” a day in which silence is held to commemorate those who are and have been affected by racism from both harassment, physical violence, and/or even death. It is incredibly serious and I cannot stress that enough, but after February 5th we can no longer be silent.

The greatest way to show respect and appreciation to those who we have lost is to stand up for them, fight for what they fought for, and change the system so those atrocities do not happen again. 

As a straight, white male it is hard for me to relate to any person who is affected by racism or any form of discrimination, but as a human being with a heart and soul I will not sit still while any person loses their life or is even just thrashed upon for the color of their skin. We mustn’t be silent after February 5th!

We must fight for those who have given their lives for this cause. Not avenge or take revenge, but educate people, change the laws, vote, and save the lives that deserve to live. 

“Life is God’s most precious gift; no principle, however glorious, may justify the taking of it.” – Arthur Miller, The Crucible

Those who have lost their lives to racism haven’t done anything wrong. They haven’t murdered anyone, stolen from anyone, hurt anyone and if they have, I assure you there has been a white person who has committed the same crime. Their lives are being taken both mentally and physically simply because of their race. 

Your body is only a vessel for your soul, for you. We mustn’t judge a person by the color of their skin, but rather by the content of their character. We will not stand for this. We mustn’t be silent anymore.