Is School Worth It – English

“I hate writing!” That’s a phrase spoken by many, if not most students in high school. Writing anything from essays to poems can seem like a boring, laborious task brought on by teachers, but unlike History Classes, English is possibly the most important class you will take in elementary, middle, and high school.

Communication will be the key to living a life you truly want. Through reading and writing, you will be able to expand upon your vocabulary and conversation skills. How long can you talk about sports, food, your day, etc. without getting bored? With the infinite number of books and writing there is in the world, new ideas, feelings, and conversations will be sparked. With new vocabulary you will no longer sound like a broken record.

Not only that, but reading on its own can reduce stress, improve your memory and focus skills, and create stronger thinking ( Reading overall is just a gateway to better mental health and an improvement in cognitive thinking.

You may resent any and all of your English teachers for making you read and write essays, but it was all for a good reason. English is definitely one of most important classes you will take, so take great advantage of it. It is the best way to living the life you want.