Procrastination, the reason behind many missing assignments and zeros in school. In many cases, procrastination makes our lives worse the more we subject ourselves to it. In fact, it is more harmful than it seems. If people procrastinate too much, it can cause serious anxiety. Having a desire for perfection can cause procrastination as well. Perfectionists often struggle when working on large projects to get over small  mistakes and keep going. Sometimes they stop working on assignments or totally restart when coming across a mistake.

 Here are tips and tricks that might help avoid procrastination:

Commit to tasks

Simply stop avoiding the task at hand; just sit down and start working. Before too long the project that has been causing copious amounts of stress will be finished.

Reduce distraction

When already struggling to get a job done, it is usually best to disconnect, turn off the TV, put phones away and truly concentrate. Some distractions are harder to remove, such as siblings yelling and horsing around. Find a quiet space and just work.

Think of a reward to use after the task is finished

Instead of procrastinating by doing online shopping or playing video games, promise yourself time to have fun afterward. Don’t let yourself give in before you finish the task.

Ask someone to check on you

Having someone who is willing to check on you is often an amazing motivator. Simply tell someone before working on a large project. They might just provide the incentive necessary to get work finished and over with.

Conquer your fears

A survey taken by over thirty seniors shows that some students like Candie H. had a different reason for procrastinating. “I procrastinate when I need to ask questions. I say that I will ask later but I’m actually too nervous to ask.” She wasn’t alone in this line of thinking. Another student said, “I usually need teacher help somewhere with my work.” Often this directly causes procrastination. It is often necessary to conquer fears and ask questions when they are needed.

People often think that they will feel more motivated in the future, or maybe they think they have more time than they actually do to get tasks finished. It’s all about time management, making sure you have plenty of time.

Use these techniques, and chances are you will procrastinate a lot less, and ultimately it will make life better.