The Middle, The End, The Beginning

“Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,” an hourglass in a void of black, a person on top of it, or maybe below it? It was unclear, because in a world of pure black, any sense of time and space was rendered null. The person of the hourglass had been there for all eternity, ticking and tocking for as long as they could remember. They knew not who they were, where they were, or even how they came to be. All they knew was that when the hourglass stops, they stop.

The hourglass had been going for millennia, or maybe only a single second? The person didn’t care how long, they were perfectly content with doing the same thing forever. At some point, millions of tiny bright lights came to be, and with it came a new person. “You ever do anything else?” the newcomer asked the person of the hourglass, but there was no response. Only the continuation of their sounds. “tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,” the newcomer sighed. “Well, you’re the only person to talk to here, so I’ll just talk to you. Even if you don’t respond.” 

“tick tock, tick tock,” the newcomer sighed again. “Hi, you may have noticed the bright lights, I call them stars. They seem to come into existence in my presence.” The person of the hourglass kept tick tocking. “How long have you been doing that?” The person of the hourglass shrugged, never once stopping. “When will you stop.” The person of the hourglass simply pointed at the hourglass. “When it stops?” they nodded. “You know, you need a name . . . since you live on an hourglass, how about Time?” Time simply shrugged.

Eventually, the newcomer gave themselves the name Space, Space would constantly talk to Time. Time, while never stopping their ticking, would always listen. Not that either of them had much choice in the matter. One day, another newcomer came, after a long conversation, Space gave them the name Life. With the arrival of Life, the once empty black space was filled even more. Suddenly, there was a floor. Before, there was no floor, no ceiling, no walls. Space’s stars did not change that, but Life did. The floor was a beautiful green, trees and flowers sprouted out of it, small animals such as bunnies and ferrets came to be. Space loved Life, they actually talked back! Life, when they first arrived, tried to make conversation with Time, of course, just like when Space tried it, it didn’t produce many results. So Space and Life would talk to each other, while Time simply kept ticking and tocking.

Time’s hourglass was almost done. Space and Life were excited about this for two reasons: One, they were curious about what would happen once it stopped, and two, maybe once it finishes, Time will actually speak! What Space and Life didn’t realize, but Time did, was that the closer the hourglass got closer to finishing, the more their surroundings slowly disappeared.

“TIck tock, tick tock, tick . . . tock.” The hourglass was finished. Space and Life, were asleep. “.  . . Goodbye, my friends.” Time spoke their first words, but they were melancholic. Right next to Space and Life was one last newcomer. “Hello Time, I assume you know what is about to happen?  Time simply nodded, and closed their eyes. The newcomer absorbed Life, the ground, the plants, the animals, they all disappeared. Next they did the same to Space, all of a sudden, the stars that lit up the once empty void disappeared, leaving once again a world of pure black. Time didn’t open their eyes, because if they did, they would cry at seeing what used to be their friends, gone. The newcomer walked up to Time, “Well, you know the drill.” Time simply smiled, “I’ll name you . . . Nihility.” and in honor of their friends, they named the newcomer, just like Space had named them, so long ago, or maybe it was only a few seconds ago.