Android v. Apple Results

The winner of the Apple v. Android Poll is……….. Apple!

Some comments that we received are listed below. Thank you to everyone who responded!

Apple comments:

  1. The operating system works great on iPhone because Apple makes the OS and device to work together, while with Android, you have multiple parties involved, producing unwanted results, like reduced speed, and only 2 years of updates, while iPhones are updated upwards of 5 years after they are released. ~ Alex Ashby
  2. Easier to navigate. ~ Candie Hubble
  3. You can eat apples but you can’t eat androids. ~ Cody Delacruz
  4. The Apple ecosystem of imessage, calling, facetime, and icloud is a much more coherent software than android, but the specs and hardware of them are about equal. ~ Shane Avery
  5. Apple is faster and better suited for video-editing and school work such as taking notes and putting together powerpoints. It also looks more modern and in a way is an accessory for your bedroom.~ Anonymous
  6. Apple has a better processing system as well as they update frequently always raising the bar in improvement and never failing. ~ Anonymous

Android comments: 

  1. There are less bugs and malfunctions in the android platform, as seeing the recent factory malfunction of the iphone x (green screen glitches). Not often do you hear about android phones malfunctioning. Sometimes cheaper is the best option (androids are cheap), because if it does malfunction you will not spend hundreds of dollars trying to fix or replace it. ~ Ruby Torres
  2. People that have iphones like to or feel obligated to bash others for the usage of an android. And I don’t believe that is fair. Some people cannot afford the latest iphone or airpods. But personally it does not matter what phone I have.A phone is a phone. It is given to a child/teenager so they can call or text their parent/guardian instantly and for safety reasons. That is what phones are used for. Everything else like Snapchat and Instagram are a privilege. But that’s just my opinion.  ~ Liyah Terry
  3. You will find a lot of people saying how their pictures got deleted from their cloud or something just went wrong with their phone, but people with androids don’t have any complaints because we don’t run into those kinds of problems, also there are a lot of students whose iphone has a cracked screen meanwhile,very few people with androids do not have cracked screens. Also fixing an iPhone is a lot harder than android, forcing iPhone users to go to companies to fix their phone at a High price. ~ Anonymous 
  4. Androids when examining newer models are built with better materials. Androids are also easily customizable and I have more control over my device and what I can do with it. ~ Anonymous
  5. I feel that Android allows you a lot more freedom with how you use your phone, but it generally requires a higher knowledge of how to use the device. Apple phones are much more simple and straightforward. ~ Anonymous
  6. More options and overall a more durable brand. Really bad camera tech in some of the cheaper models but then again, newer androids have amazing camera quality, even if the photos of nature are actually really noisy, in photography terms. ~ Anonymous