Insight of an Adolescent Boy

Cash Brown is a junior, who walks among us in this crazy whirlwind that we call North Thurston High School. Cash is just hanging on to the safety rope of life, trying not to get swept away in the dangerous vortex leading to our decaying life.

A typical day for Cash, would be that similar to how every teenager is; waking up in the morning, eating breakfast (sometimes), soon after he goes to school while also contemplating the ceaseless existence of life.  Then he likes to spend time with his friends after school, though his schedule is currently busy with swimming going on after school.  

Cash is a huge fan of our sports teams, but everything else is just not very interesting to him, especially not the classes he takes. Cash feels like most classes are menial and tedious; that they have no positive effect for him in the future. He would rather take classes more suited for his skills in his future career. However, that doesn’t stop him from supporting our school spirit; Cash does do a number of activities at school, including swimming for the winter and soccer for spring. He joined one of our North Thurston clubs, known as the sportsman club so he can experience the feel of hunting with friends.

When outside of school, Cash Brown is dirt biking and playing soccer as well as playing the occasional football game with friends, if he is free after school. His favorite music is of a wide variety, whether it be classic rock, or jamming out in the 80s. He even listens to Beethoven’s 9th symphony, like the intellectual he is. His favorite movie that he would watch over and over is The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. A perfect choice for a sick day. 

Since the holidays just arrived, Cash got a tree by driving to the parking lot and picking out a grand tree that can reach to the stars. Cash’s plans are daring (some may say fantastical) but, he wants to accomplish all of his goals in the next 10 years which include; achieving world peace, solving world hunger and the most important one, sending a message to the nearest planet and ask if they know who Joe is.

So, to end this, Cash would like to say some words for the next generation stepping through our doors into NTHS; “Don’t ever stop to ponder your own mortality or you will end up spiraling into a state of constant dread about the ensuing end of your life and the eternal void that awaits you and your loved ones.”