What does playing video games do for you?

When it comes to playing video games, Senior Seneth Lacdag is a minority in a sea of mostly male competitors. After school, this lively, happy girl comes home excitedly to sit down and have the controller in her hands ready to go into battle. Seneth gave reasons as to why video games can help you.

1. Helps people memorize patterns

When playing chess, patterns begin to appear. In a way it’s like playing Tetris–it creates brain activities. Patterns can be applied anywhere. For example, when talking to people, their action can be predicted based on how they act.

2. Connects people with others

When playing video games, new people come, creating the possibility to become friends with them. You become more social with others even if you’re only inside the house. You get to know more about people and will learn lots of life lessons through them. You can even get great advice from the people you’re playing with.

3. Builds confidence

Playing video games can help build confidence because when you play and win, it makes you feel good about what you’re doing. In addition to that, when you lose, you strive to win a game or get a better score streak. When carrying your team, they give you words of encouragement that boosts your confidence.

4. Helps ease stress

Playing games can help you escape from reality for a while. When the team wins it gives a sense of relief. Playing video games is a stress reliever for certain people. It helps clear their head and makes them happy.

5. Creates critical thinking

Video games requires people to be very strategic when stuck on a level. There will be times where the team has to think of ways to solve the problem. Playing video games requires knowledge, deep thinking and concentration.

After all playing video games isn’t too bad. Just make sure to have a balanced lifestyle. It is still important to have one on one social interaction with other people outside.