This is a collection of poems written by students in Ms. Anderson’s English class. The stories tell us of people’s lives and what the average person may not know about them. You can see that this is told from students of different backgrounds but who came together to get their stories out. We are proud to show these well deserving stories to a broader audience. 

Please notice that some poems are written by two or three students and how they compare, how they are different and how they come together. 

If you wish to have your own artwork, stories, poems or any other form of media placed in the RamPage, please email Lilyan Rhoads at Please understand that the editors of the RamPage have the right to choose what is published in the paper and we will require author permission. 


Dialogue Poem – By 2 Anonymous Students

I’m Native American

I’m Mexican

We’re both minorities 

I was taken away from my parents

I’m stuck to my mom like glue 

Our dads went out to buy cigarettes and never came back

She likes to play sports

She likes to read

We love makeup

Her birthday is on October 17th 

Her birthday is on November 10th

Being different and weird is fun

I’m a Libra

I’m a Scorpio

We have never broken a bone

We love Ms. Anderson’s class


Dialogue Poem – By Madison S and Anonymous

We’re current students of North Thurston 

I’m a blank slate

I have a vibrant background

Together we make a community

Born in America

Born in Mexico

Although our race doesn’t define us

I put myself out there, one in a crowd

I am very self kept with a quiet side

Yet we’re both a helping hand

My parents are still together

Mine are divorced 

And we are both 15

English is my strong suit

English was difficult to learn

College is our near future 

I’ve always been an only child

I grew up in a large family

We’re still equally loved

I’m adopted

I was born into my family

Our families come first

I met this girl 

I met this girl

And I respect our differences 


All the Same – By 3 Anonymous Students

We’re all students 

I’m Catholic 

I’m Christian

I’m Catholic

We’re all religious

He’s lost a cousin 

He’s lost a pet

She’s lost a sister

We’ve all had a loss

He likes spicy food

He likes chicken

She likes sweets

We all like spicy foods

I like art

I like video games

I like competitive games

We all like games

He speaks French 

He speaks Spanish

She spoke 2 languages 

We’re all bilingual

I’m Caucasian

I’m French

I’m Spanish

We’re all human in the end 


We are Enough – Randi T and Selena C

I’m Randi

I’m Selena

Both of us born in October

I’m 14

I’m 16

Both of us Sophomores at North Thurston High School

I’m a gymnast

I’m a wrestler 

Having the same amount of passion

To just be good enough

Coming to school always worried

Wondering if I’m accepted

Sharing the same question

Are we both enough?

Wondering if it is worth it

Trying so hard

Sometimes crying not because of weakness

But because of being strong for too long

Saying I can’t do this anymore

Some days are better than others 

Some days really get me down

Some days it is just too much

Trying to think more positively to get through the day

Starting to tell ourselves

We are enough 


New World – Irish C

The sun was powerful when I left

Then the clouds dominated when I arrived

Isolation in a place I have never seen

Suffocated. Trying to breathe the air I once inhaled

Can’t go back. Don’t want to pursue forward

Trying to feel comfortable in an unbearable situation

Rain pours each day, easing into my depression

When will my sun shine again


Our poem – By Chanseng C and Mikeala T

My name is Chanseng

My name is Mikaela 

I am Cambonian 

I am Filipino

We are both ASIAN

I was born in Cambodia 

I was born in Washington  

And we are here

Khmev is my language

Tagalog is my language 

And we are learning Spanish

I am clumsy

I am a mess

But no broken bones

Rain makes me happy

Rain makes me sleepy

That’s why we live here

He’s close to his siblings

She’s close to her brother

But we love our family

I have one brother and two sisters

I have one brother

We get annoyed

I love Khmer food

I love Filipino food


He’s Buddhist 

She’s Catholic

But that doesn’t matter

No matter what we are, we are unique and different.

That’s what brings us together