Student Spotlight (Anonymous) – Is School Worth It?

School can be a stressful, time consuming task. Many students feel the desire to drop out or skip school, believing their time is being wasted, or they are bored, or the tasks at hand are too difficult. I spoke to somebody who has since dropped out, and their newfound wisdom and satisfaction after dropping out of high school.

My friend, who asked to remain anonymous, stated that they never intended to drop out, but has since found that being out of school is a total life changer. They said that their “mental state was a wreck” while in school, but finally improved once they left for good. They stated, “when I arrived at North Thurston High School I didn’t fit in at all. People were always giving me weird looks and teachers were more authoritative than helpful,” after first joining North Thurston.

My friend continued to explain that their life overall improved after their high school experience. They believed high school wasn’t helping them “academically” and the school wasn’t being supportive at all. “The school’s pressure to do good and get perfect grades was horrible. How can I do good in an environment where the people want you to act like a fictional ‘good student,’” they went on to say.

All students have probably felt this way, but few have really followed through with their feelings. Could my friend be right? Is our school supportive, or is it more authoritative? Can we really learn anything of true value from these classes? That is for you to decide, but my friend, who has remained down-to-earth since the day I met them, has only grown into someone even greater from their absence in school. It’s time for you to make your own decisions with your education now.