Positivity to thrifting

“Balling on a budget,” for anyone that doesn’t know what balling on a budget means, it essentially means looking your best, but on a small or limited budget.

Being a student who pays for his own clothes, I understand the struggle of paying these high price tags for clothes, and if you’re anything like me, and love clothes, these high prices are a big problem when balling on a budget.

Now I have a solution for all of your problems… thrifting!

For you all that don’t know what thrifting is, basically it’s stores that sell second hand or brand new clothes for low and great prices. If you do plan to go thrifting, I would suggest bringing a friend because it will really just make everything a lot more fun.

Now you may ask, “Why should I go thrifting instead of somewhere else?” Well there are a lot of benefits to thrifting. To begin with, thrifting will save a bunch of money. Any other retail store like Pacsun may charge upwards of $50 for a singular pair of jeans, but a thrift shop will have the perfect pair of vintage levis for no more than $20.

Not only does thrifting help in saving money, it also helps out the environment. A fact not a lot of people know is that it takes just about 1,800 gallons of water to produce a pair of jeans and 713 gallons for a t-shirt.

Think about thrifting to be like recycling, we are just using clothes that someone else no longer wanted or had a use for.

To add onto all of that, thrifting also supports local shops in your city! There are a lot of really cool thrift shops in the Olympia area, and I think we should be shopping at them to support the locals of our city.

If you wish to go thrifting but don’t know where, here are a few of my favorite stores to thrift at in no particular order: 

Dumpster values


Pickers in paradise

Fifth Avenue flea market


Value Village

Now go out, buy some cool clothes, and save the environment!