Manaury Mora-Ibarra

“Concrete brutalism.” What does that mean? Ask Manaury Mora-Ibarra. He will explain that the term means “concrete blocky architecture”.

He then explained to the Journalism Class that the structures of The Evergreen State College are a good example of the blocky nature that is “concrete brutalism”. That is where Manaury would like to attend after graduation this year, possibly majoring in design, business, architecture, or some type of art major. 

Some of his favorite hobbies are fashion, art, embroidery, and sewing which he learned from observing his mom, who made clothes in the past. He simply picked up on it. He said his friends and himself all make money off of those hobbies, selling and making clothes for a large clientele.

This young man appears to be an old soul. He even said, “I feel like an old man. I’m so tired when I get up in the morning… I have to stretch to get moving!” 

He wanted to tell the students to “appreciate school and don’t take it for granted because right now we aren’t having to pay for it”.