Sarah Mariano – Photo Manager

Ever slept in a Philippine jungle while playing hide & seek? Well senior Sarah Mariano has done just that. Sarah is Filipino who doesn’t like the K-pop boy band BTS and didn’t go trick -or-treating; “I’m too old,” she said.

Sarah enjoys singing, excelling at it. She enjoys Disney movies, the live action Lion King being her favorite. She likes writing; however, she doesn’t like reading because it “makes her dizzy”. Sarah wishes to protect the rights of the people by becoming a lawyer, but is undecided whether to pursue it or not. She is bilingual and speaks English, Tagalog, and has a Kapampangan dialect. 

Her life stories are interesting as well. One day in the Philippines, she and her friends were playing hide and seek; she went to the forest to hide but ended up falling asleep in it. She also hid behind a bush back in middle school in an attempt to skip school. She was, of course, caught by the principal and was sent to detention. If she were to have one super power she would choose the ability to fly. She would use this power to fly to Africa because she wants to go on a safari and see all the different animals, especially lions.

Sarah likes Filipino food, loves tacos, but not too spicy; fears rats and despises bunnies (rodents overall); and her favorite sports are volleyball, swimming, and badminton.

Sarah will bring a lot of fascinating stories to the table this year, helping expand our newspaper far beyond something simple. She is now an editor in the Journalism Class, reading over other students’ articles and creating some of her own.