Day: March 3, 2020

In The Trenches

Wow. This was an incredible experience to watch, the sound, the look, the sense of dread and the set designs are all so well done. What more can I say, this was a well made movie in my opinion. Sam Mendes, the director, created a film that captures the feel of what it would’ve been like in WWI, all with the help of a special type of technique the camera men uses called one shot.  1917 is about 2 soldiers going behind enemy lines to deliver orders in an attempt to halt a march that will lead a battalion of […]

RC Ram

RC (radio-controlled) racing if you’re confused, is when people get together and race miniature cars around a track in an attempt to get first place (basically a normal car racing game). Many people know about it but very few people actually do it. North Thurston’s very own Nic Morhous is one of those racers.  He is a fast and furious redhead Sophomore, with a passion for RC racing. He’s been doing this for 7 years now and he ain’t stopping anytime soon. His determination to be like his uncle has led him to be fast and on top of the […]

Alex Martinez – Assistant Editor

Warm welcome to our new assistant editor for the RamPage, Alex Martinez! Alex is a Junior here at North Thurston, and is a part of the thrilling sport, wrestling. He thoroughly enjoys wrestling and has for over two years. He also plays rugby in his off time from wrestling. One of Alex’s memorable achievements was when he placed 3rd in his weight training class last year. He also insisted on adding the fact that he won a trophy in 3rd grade for most eaten chips during a classroom competition. Some things people might not know about Alex is that he […]

Review of Supreme Spring Summer 2020

With Supreme announcing its next upcoming season Spring Summer 2020 we have a lot to be looking forward to. As of right now we don’t have much to review because they have yet to release the full preview but they did provide us die hard supreme fans and resellers with a teaser. In the teaser photo we can see what seems to be an all over print hoodie displaying all kinds of dollar bills on fire. On top of that hoodie the model is spotted sporting a tan denim jacket with the famous supreme “arc” logo spelt out by the […]