Day: February 4, 2020

The Middle, The End, The Beginning

“Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,” an hourglass in a void of black, a person on top of it, or maybe below it? It was unclear, because in a world of pure black, any sense of time and space was rendered null. The person of the hourglass had been there for all eternity, ticking and tocking for as long as they could remember. They knew not who they were, where they were, or even how they came to be. All they knew was that when the hourglass stops, they stop. The hourglass had been going for millennia, or […]

The Day Of Silence

Hello Students, This week is Black Lives Matter Week. Teaching Tolerance explains that the goal is “to challenge structural and systemic racism while centering the lives of black students inside and outside the classroom.” On Wednesday, February 5th, some of our fellow students may choose to participate in a “Day of Silence.” This event is NOT a school or district sponsored event. They may be wearing red duct tape across their mouths to symbolize the day of silence. We ask that you do not make fun of them or antagonize them in any way, and that you respect their choice […]

Is School Worth It – English

“I hate writing!” That’s a phrase spoken by many, if not most students in high school. Writing anything from essays to poems can seem like a boring, laborious task brought on by teachers, but unlike History Classes, English is possibly the most important class you will take in elementary, middle, and high school. Communication will be the key to living a life you truly want. Through reading and writing, you will be able to expand upon your vocabulary and conversation skills. How long can you talk about sports, food, your day, etc. without getting bored? With the infinite number of […]