Month: January 2020


Procrastination, the reason behind many missing assignments and zeros in school. In many cases, procrastination makes our lives worse the more we subject ourselves to it. In fact, it is more harmful than it seems. If people procrastinate too much, it can cause serious anxiety. Having a desire for perfection can cause procrastination as well. Perfectionists often struggle when working on large projects to get over small  mistakes and keep going. Sometimes they stop working on assignments or totally restart when coming across a mistake.  Here are tips and tricks that might help avoid procrastination: Commit to tasks Simply stop […]

What is happening to the Arctic?

The place that was once known for its ice-covered land and its beautifully crafted glaciers is now melting away faster than we ever imagined. The Arctic is always covered in ice year-round, but when the winter season hits, it gets a temporary ice plain that covers its shores and stretches far out into the sea. (3)According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, that temporary ice is dying, becoming smaller and smaller each year, leaving animals short of their much-needed hunting and resting grounds. With the sea ice melting more each year some people wonder how much longer the […]

Thurston Unified!

Ms. Laverty has a message for everyone: Hi everyone! Just another reminder that Thurston Unified is a club that allows high school students with and without disabilities to play on a school team together. Furthermore, if you have any of my athletes (people with disabilities) or partners (people without disabilities) in your classes, and you have a moment, invite them to share their experience in Unified! It’s a great opportunity to get the Unified message out in front of the general education students and the community so they can learn more about the acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities. […]

MLK Celebration: What Happened? – Opinion

It has been a little over a week since we last experienced the advisory presentations regarding Martin Luther King, but the news is still smoking hot. It was apparent to all students that there would be no assembly and when the RamPage sent out a survey it showed that 68.8% of students who responded would much rather see an assembly than sit through and interact with another advisory project.  Ms. Reed, our activity director, has since told me (the Chief Editor of the RamPage) that there in fact will be a national speaker by the name of Mike Smith. Mike […]

Homeless Crisis

The homeless community continues to become a rising issue. Whether you go downtown Olympia, or downtown Seattle, you are bound to run into it.  What have been some of the primary reasons individual’s last resorts are to live out on the streets? Lack of affordable housing, mental illnesses, and substance abuse (drug/alcohol addiction). Olympia, along with Seattle, have had housing prices go up the past several years. Olympia’s cost of living is 4% higher than the national average, according to Washington State PayScale. Seattle, around 70 miles away from our home city, is dealing with the same type of crisis. […]

Insight of an Adolescent Boy

Cash Brown is a junior, who walks among us in this crazy whirlwind that we call North Thurston High School. Cash is just hanging on to the safety rope of life, trying not to get swept away in the dangerous vortex leading to our decaying life. A typical day for Cash, would be that similar to how every teenager is; waking up in the morning, eating breakfast (sometimes), soon after he goes to school while also contemplating the ceaseless existence of life.  Then he likes to spend time with his friends after school, though his schedule is currently busy with […]

The Stories People Tell

This is a collection of poems written by students in Ms. Anderson’s English class. The stories tell us of people’s lives and what the average person may not know about them. You can see that this is told from students of different backgrounds but who came together to get their stories out. We are proud to show these well deserving stories to a broader audience.  Please notice that some poems are written by two or three students and how they compare, how they are different and how they come together.  If you wish to have your own artwork, stories, poems […]

Android v. Apple Results

The winner of the Apple v. Android Poll is……….. Apple! Some comments that we received are listed below. Thank you to everyone who responded! Apple comments: The operating system works great on iPhone because Apple makes the OS and device to work together, while with Android, you have multiple parties involved, producing unwanted results, like reduced speed, and only 2 years of updates, while iPhones are updated upwards of 5 years after they are released. ~ Alex AshbyEasier to navigate. ~ Candie HubbleYou can eat apples but you can’t eat androids. ~ Cody DelacruzThe Apple ecosystem of imessage, calling, facetime, […]

Teenagers Best Friend?

Pets are a vital part of our social life. Whether it is a large animal such as a donkey, pig or even some cases a cow to the smallest known animals like hamsters, rats or a goldfish, they are our loving, caring, non-human companions. This is why picking one presents a very life changing decision for you.  Are you a person who likes the company of pets with a contained environment like fish, reptiles or hamsters. How about something small enough for you to hold close to you like a classic tabby cat and the goofy looking boston terriers. How […]

College vs. Trade School – Which is the better choice?

Everybody will be in a different position, some lucky enough to afford to get into the university of their choice, and some having to settle for something that isn’t their first choice. Whether you have graduated or are still in high school, sooner or later you will be deciding whether you should enroll in a college, or a trade school.  Though there are lots of options for students who want to go to school. The government offers financial aid, while thousands of scholarships are awarded to students based on their academic standing.  Many considerations go into choosing between a college […]