Day: December 12, 2019

The World was Bound to go Eventually: Entry 1

April 16th, 2019 Tuesday Dear Diary,  This is a joke right? Yesterday everything was fine, it was normal. School was the same, I ate the same lunch as always, I passed by the same ice cream truck on the way home, and I went to sleep at 8:30 as usual. So why is this happening?   I woke up to the sensation of heat, a strange smell, and a crackling sound. At first I thought nothing of it and kept my eyes closed, but then I heard a screech. It was an awful sound that resounded in my ears. I […]

Why Wolves are Important to Yellowstone

Wolves do more for their forest environment than the average person might be aware of. They play a key role in keeping everything in order. When the wolf is removed, everything becomes chaos. This was what became clear in 1962, when the wolves in Yellowstone National Park were hunted into extinction. The role of wolves in Yellowstone are vital to the well-being in the park and the animals who inhabit it. When they were killed off, the health of the park decreased significantly. With the wolves gone, the elk had no competition and their population grew out of control. Everything […]

Student Spotlight (Anonymous) – Is School Worth It?

School can be a stressful, time consuming task. Many students feel the desire to drop out or skip school, believing their time is being wasted, or they are bored, or the tasks at hand are too difficult. I spoke to somebody who has since dropped out, and their newfound wisdom and satisfaction after dropping out of high school. My friend, who asked to remain anonymous, stated that they never intended to drop out, but has since found that being out of school is a total life changer. They said that their “mental state was a wreck” while in school, but […]