Day: October 31, 2019

Alex Martinez

Alex, is a junior starting his year off strong and ready to write. He enjoys the social aspect of school, but does find some challenges.  This year he has big plans! Alex wants to look into colleges and see about acquiring a car and/or a job. He chose the Journalism Class because he wanted to “test the waters”. He also thought this class would improve his writing; this would help with his goal to become a fiction author.  His inspiration is “Lord of the Rings”, which aided his appreciation for movies and acting. Due to his love for films, he […]

Brittany Rogers – Managing Editor

Brittany Rogers is in her junior year at North Thurston High School. She enjoys  school, especially her fifth period English class, and is enrolled in Journalism for no other reason than how her schedule was printed. She is sixteen years old, turning seventeen in May and this upcoming weekend, she will finally achieve every teens dream of receiving their license. Every weekend, Brittany enjoys the fall weather, practicing and playing basketball on her home court. Her love for the game has her practicing every chance she gets. Brittany loves her alone time, and spent her 2019 Halloween quietly in her […]

Sarah Mariano – Photo Manager

Ever slept in a Philippine jungle while playing hide & seek? Well senior Sarah Mariano has done just that. Sarah is Filipino who doesn’t like the K-pop boy band BTS and didn’t go trick -or-treating; “I’m too old,” she said. Sarah enjoys singing, excelling at it. She enjoys Disney movies, the live action Lion King being her favorite. She likes writing; however, she doesn’t like reading because it “makes her dizzy”. Sarah wishes to protect the rights of the people by becoming a lawyer, but is undecided whether to pursue it or not. She is bilingual and speaks English, Tagalog, and has […]