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Democratic Primary

What up Rams! The RamPage staff need your responses! Please fill out the two surveys below and expect a new article discussing the results from the results. Keep in mind, one of the surveys is anonymous while the other one is NOT. Anonymous Democratic Nominee Survey Extra comments if any on the nominees (Not Anonymous)

Survey for sweets!

Please fill out the surveys below and receive a LOLLIPOP from the Entrepreneurship class. Here’s how it works: Fill out the surveys. Take a screenshot of the “Thanks for taking the survey.” message. Show the screenshot to the Entrepreneurship students at lunch until the suckers are all gone! You get a sucker! Survey #1 Survey #2

Android v. Apple Results

The winner of the Apple v. Android Poll is……….. Apple! Some comments that we received are listed below. Thank you to everyone who responded! Apple comments: The operating system works great on iPhone because Apple makes the OS and device to work together, while with Android, you have multiple parties involved, producing unwanted results, like reduced speed, and only 2 years of updates, while iPhones are updated upwards of 5 years after they are released. ~ Alex Ashby Easier to navigate. ~ Candie Hubble You can eat apples but you can’t eat androids. ~ Cody Delacruz The Apple ecosystem of […]