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Procrastination, the reason behind many missing assignments and zeros in school. In many cases, procrastination makes our lives worse the more we subject ourselves to it. In fact, it is more harmful than it seems. If people procrastinate too much, it can cause serious anxiety. Having a desire for perfection can cause procrastination as well. Perfectionists often struggle when working on large projects to get over small  mistakes and keep going. Sometimes they stop working on assignments or totally restart when coming across a mistake.  Here are tips and tricks that might help avoid procrastination: Commit to tasks Simply stop […]

5 Health Benefits of Cuddling

Reduce stress:  When you cuddle with someone you love and care, the body releases a hormone called Oxycontin, (the “love hormone”) which calms you as you make physical contact with another human. For example, laughing or having deep, heart-to-heart conversation with that person can, lower levels of stress hormones. Helps you sleep: Oxytocin is like a potion because of its effects. The more your body is relaxed and comfortable, the easier it is to fall asleep. Especially when you are with the person you love, it makes it more comfy, and makes you just want to snooze off. Relieves Pain:  […]

Positivity to thrifting

“Balling on a budget,” for anyone that doesn’t know what balling on a budget means, it essentially means looking your best, but on a small or limited budget. Being a student who pays for his own clothes, I understand the struggle of paying these high price tags for clothes, and if you’re anything like me, and love clothes, these high prices are a big problem when balling on a budget. Now I have a solution for all of your problems… thrifting! For you all that don’t know what thrifting is, basically it’s stores that sell second hand or brand new […]