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5 Study Tips

Many students spend long hours studying and preparing for exams, which ultimately increases stress and anxiety. Developing efficient study skills and habits can help you perform better in class and on exams. These 5 tips may help you become better at studying. 1) Space It Out  Hours of constant studying can lead to excess stress and tension that can burn you out. However, “spaced repetition” involves breaking up the information into small chunks and reviewing them constantly.  2) A Designated Study Space  Distractions while trying to study can challenge your focus, and you can lose your   concentration. Find a […]

Homeless Crisis

The homeless community continues to become a rising issue. Whether you go downtown Olympia, or downtown Seattle, you are bound to run into it.  What have been some of the primary reasons individual’s last resorts are to live out on the streets? Lack of affordable housing, mental illnesses, and substance abuse (drug/alcohol addiction). Olympia, along with Seattle, have had housing prices go up the past several years. Olympia’s cost of living is 4% higher than the national average, according to Washington State PayScale. Seattle, around 70 miles away from our home city, is dealing with the same type of crisis. […]

College vs. Trade School – Which is the better choice?

Everybody will be in a different position, some lucky enough to afford to get into the university of their choice, and some having to settle for something that isn’t their first choice. Whether you have graduated or are still in high school, sooner or later you will be deciding whether you should enroll in a college, or a trade school.  Though there are lots of options for students who want to go to school. The government offers financial aid, while thousands of scholarships are awarded to students based on their academic standing.  Many considerations go into choosing between a college […]

18 Things to Know Before You Turn 18

Turning 18 is a big deal. Not just for your parents, but also for yourself . You may think at the age of 18 you know everything, but you may want to think again; even a 23 years old still doesn’t know what they want to be. Here are 18 points you should know before you turn 18. 1. School is not forever Every high school student has had enough of school, but know that you will not stay in school forever. Time goes by really fast, and before you know it, you’re out of high school. Treasure every moment […]

Climate Change

The climate has been changing quite rapidly over the past couple of decades. There have been roughly 1,349 wildfires in the state of California; which have burned nearly 12,247 acres, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire). These uncontrollable fires have impacted the lives of 125 people. Last November, an electrical line, impacted by weather, was found responsible for a camp fire which burned terminated over 153,336 acres and led to more than 85 deaths; it is considered the most destructive fire in California history.  In California, “We are starting to see an increase in the […]

Online Businesses Taking over Retail

Online businesses productivity and consumer rates have been adequately increasing, specifically regarding these past few years.  The benefits of e-commerce (a.k.a. online stores) is that they can promote their products across a worldwide market. With more market brings more opportunity for income; online stores’ products being displayed across a wide audience of people helps their businesses grow. Quite well respected walk-in stores are getting/have been closed down. Does Blockbuster ring a bell? On September 23, 2010, Blockbuster shriveled to its demise as it filed for bankruptcy. The known hot spot for movies buyers, video game renters, and DVD owners has […]

Why Wolves are Important to Yellowstone

Wolves do more for their forest environment than the average person might be aware of. They play a key role in keeping everything in order. When the wolf is removed, everything becomes chaos. This was what became clear in 1962, when the wolves in Yellowstone National Park were hunted into extinction. The role of wolves in Yellowstone are vital to the well-being in the park and the animals who inhabit it. When they were killed off, the health of the park decreased significantly. With the wolves gone, the elk had no competition and their population grew out of control. Everything […]

Teen Vaping: An Epidemic

Thousands of people around the United States have suffered from lung afflictions, all having used vaping products. There have been a sufficient amount of claims that vaping is a “healthier alternative” than smoking cigarettes, but so far there has been no concrete evidence to prove this. At least 37 people have died as a result from ingesting vaping products. Short term effects of vaping have ranged from coughing, chest pain, and shortness of breath to fatigue, vomiting, and fever, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Over 1⁄3 of vaping lung illnesses revolve around teenagers, which is […]