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Joseph Quintanilla

Joseph Quintanilla is a 17-year-old Junior. He is new to the RamPage and is looking forward to the work he can do writing-wise, as it’s a significant departure from his past hobby of sports. Joseph used to be very invested in sports, having played both baseball and basketball. Although he isn’t currently playing, due to scheduling, sports remain an impactful part of his life, with many of his role models being from the industry.  Joseph has three sisters, two of which are currently serving in the air force, with the other working in Vancouver to become a cosmetologist. With his […]

Emily Purington

Emily Purington, is a 17 year old Senior at North Thurston High School, who loves poetry. Emily joined the Journalism Class just this semester of the 2020 class year, and has been a great addition to the RamPage staff!  Emily’s passion and love for poetry, inspired her to be part of the Thurston poetry slam team, Louder Than A Bomb. Performing a poem in front of an audience at first was terrifying and uncomfortable for Emily, but with help from a teacher and some friends, she gained confidence.  Last year, one of Emily’s newest achievements was being nominated for North […]

Alex Martinez – Assistant Editor

Warm welcome to our new assistant editor for the RamPage, Alex Martinez! Alex is a Junior here at North Thurston, and is a part of the thrilling sport, wrestling. He thoroughly enjoys wrestling and has for over two years. He also plays rugby in his off time from wrestling. One of Alex’s memorable achievements was when he placed 3rd in his weight training class last year. He also insisted on adding the fact that he won a trophy in 3rd grade for most eaten chips during a classroom competition. Some things people might not know about Alex is that he […]

Meet our FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)!

Clara Hoyte, FBLA president, has an exciting announcement to make, Congratulations to the future business members who attended the competitive conference at great wolf lodge on february 7th. Winners are as follows: Broadcast Journalism – Clara Hoyte, Bane Morgan Business Law – Tyler Mayberry-Meskel Client Service – Ellie Hebert Computer Problem Solving – Alexander Humburg Introduction to Business Communication – Hunter McKay Introduction to Business Presentation – Ellie Herbert, Tyler Mayberry-Meskel Introduction to FBLA – Hunter McKay Introduction to Financial Math – Tyler Mayberry-Meskel Introduction to Public Speaking – Bane Morgan Journalism – Manuary Mora-Ibarra Word Processing – Alexander Humberg Website Design […]

Meet our Marketing/DECA Students!

25 Marketing and DECA students from North Thurston High School were qualified to compete at the State DECA Career Conference. There were approximately 170 students competing to be in the top 3 for different categories and earn their spot to compete at the state level. North Thurston High School registered 32 students to compete and 24 qualified. It was an amazing competition and North Thurston DECA students once again proved their strong determination in the competition. State DECA is March 5, 6 and 7th in Bellevue Washington. Taking 1st place and earning top spot to compete at state                 Yesica Rios […]

Insight of an Adolescent Boy

Cash Brown is a junior, who walks among us in this crazy whirlwind that we call North Thurston High School. Cash is just hanging on to the safety rope of life, trying not to get swept away in the dangerous vortex leading to our decaying life. A typical day for Cash, would be that similar to how every teenager is; waking up in the morning, eating breakfast (sometimes), soon after he goes to school while also contemplating the ceaseless existence of life.  Then he likes to spend time with his friends after school, though his schedule is currently busy with […]

Meet our ASB Officers and Class Officers!

Freshman Class Officers for 2019-2020 Class of 2023 President- Emmalee Falter Vice President- Charlize Pasco Secretary- Yaseerah Asmath Treasurer- McKenzie Uyehara Historian- Jordyn Harn Sophomore Class Officers for 2019-2020 Class of 2022 President- Reyna Phung Vice President- Vinnie Nguyen Secretary- Dolly Manlapaz Treasurer- Mina Lukomski              Junior Class Officers for 2019-2020 Class of 2021  President- Nadaa Deana E.  Vice President- Samir Amin  Secretary- Joyti Miller             Treasurer- Helene Budd and Joseph Oliver Senior Class Officers for 2019-2020 Class of 2020 Co-President- Ashanti Johnson and Thomas Arend  Vice President- Emma Smith  Secretary- Madi Pitts  Treasurer- Charlie Rios-Villicana           Historian- Mckenzie Squires ASB Officers […]

Student Spotlight – Nyah Wood, Track Star

Nyah Wood, is a 16 year old Junior, who absolutely loves track. It all began at Pleasant Glade Elementary School, in 4th grade. She joined the lively sport not only because she enjoys running for fun, but she gets to meet new and awesome people, and possibly future close friends.  She works at JCPenney’s from 3- 8pm, which is now going to be quite challenging to manage since track is about to start up in the spring. Track usually lasts about 2 hours after school for her. Practice is everyday, while track meets are about once a week. During track […]

Student Spotlight (Anonymous) – Is School Worth It?

School can be a stressful, time consuming task. Many students feel the desire to drop out or skip school, believing their time is being wasted, or they are bored, or the tasks at hand are too difficult. I spoke to somebody who has since dropped out, and their newfound wisdom and satisfaction after dropping out of high school. My friend, who asked to remain anonymous, stated that they never intended to drop out, but has since found that being out of school is a total life changer. They said that their “mental state was a wreck” while in school, but […]

Max Nelson

Max Nelson, is 16 years old and is just starting his junior year here at North Thurston. He absolutely loves writing, being the reason why he enrolled in journalism class. Having just become our “Chief Editor” for 2019-2020, Max intends to bring a lot to this years paper. Some of his favorite hobbies other than writing include socializing and creating all sorts of art, more focused around horror though. This past Halloween, he donned blue coveralls and a Michael Myers mask, taking his 12 year old niece around their neighborhood. Eating candy and popcorn, he had an exciting and frightening […]