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Nova Destroyer of Worlds- an interview

Nova may seem like a normal cat, however, with a nickname like the bourgeoisie, she is so much more. Nova has a plan for the ultimate cat takeover, she will not let anyone stand in her way. Her neighborhood is full of strays, ferals, and kitty pets alike, and they all report to her. Nova has spies everywhere, listening to every bit of data they can get their hands on.  Nova has agreed to be interviewed to send a warning to the humans. A warning that says: “The cats are coming, so the humans better be ready”, Nova will not […]

How is climate change affecting the bees?

There has recently been a huge production of articles all over the web about animals being hurt by climate change. Animals, however, are not the only victims of the rapidly changing climate, insects are also being affected, especially one very important insect in particular: Bees. Even without climate change, bees have a huge list of problems ranging from children stomping their brains out, to parasites killing huge populations of them. As if the bees didn’t have enough problems already, climate change is now affecting the bees more than ever. One major problem is the bees hibernation schedule. When bees are […]

What can your Handwriting say about your Personality?

Someone’s handwriting can say a lot about their personality and how they think. There are actually over 5,000 personality traits that your handwriting can suggest you have. Messy handwriting Not everyone has perfect handwriting, in fact, some people can have very messy handwriting. When you have messy handwriting, you usually write very fast and don’t pay attention to detailing your letters very much. You just want to get stuff done, the more you write the better! If you have messy handwriting you might be: Intelligent Creative Independent thinker Fast learner Pretty handwriting When someone has pretty handwriting it means they go […]

Democratic Nominee votes

Thank you to everyone who voted on the survey and gave us feedback! We would like to explain that the reason that the survey was titled Democratic Nominee is because the only Republican running is president Donald Trump, and the Democrats are currently deciding on their candidate. Many of you decided to separately vote for him anyway, so we included it in the pie chart below. There were also many votes in the other section but they did not fit the theme of this survey and were off topic. We held a separate survey where students could make any comments […]

The Day Of Silence

Hello Students, This week is Black Lives Matter Week. Teaching Tolerance explains that the goal is “to challenge structural and systemic racism while centering the lives of black students inside and outside the classroom.” On Wednesday, February 5th, some of our fellow students may choose to participate in a “Day of Silence.” This event is NOT a school or district sponsored event. They may be wearing red duct tape across their mouths to symbolize the day of silence. We ask that you do not make fun of them or antagonize them in any way, and that you respect their choice […]

What is happening to the Arctic?

The place that was once known for its ice-covered land and its beautifully crafted glaciers is now melting away faster than we ever imagined. The Arctic is always covered in ice year-round, but when the winter season hits, it gets a temporary ice plain that covers its shores and stretches far out into the sea. (3)According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, that temporary ice is dying, becoming smaller and smaller each year, leaving animals short of their much-needed hunting and resting grounds. With the sea ice melting more each year some people wonder how much longer the […]

Android v. Apple Results

The winner of the Apple v. Android Poll is……….. Apple! Some comments that we received are listed below. Thank you to everyone who responded! Apple comments: The operating system works great on iPhone because Apple makes the OS and device to work together, while with Android, you have multiple parties involved, producing unwanted results, like reduced speed, and only 2 years of updates, while iPhones are updated upwards of 5 years after they are released. ~ Alex Ashby Easier to navigate. ~ Candie Hubble You can eat apples but you can’t eat androids. ~ Cody Delacruz The Apple ecosystem of […]

Why Wolves are Important to Yellowstone

Wolves do more for their forest environment than the average person might be aware of. They play a key role in keeping everything in order. When the wolf is removed, everything becomes chaos. This was what became clear in 1962, when the wolves in Yellowstone National Park were hunted into extinction. The role of wolves in Yellowstone are vital to the well-being in the park and the animals who inhabit it. When they were killed off, the health of the park decreased significantly. With the wolves gone, the elk had no competition and their population grew out of control. Everything […]

The Feelings/Emotions of Animals

Some people say animals have feelings, others say they don’t. Scientists around the world have done many studies attempting to learn whether or not animals have emotions, and if they do, how in depth are they? Scientists came to the conclusion that a variety of animals’ emotions are “Survival Circuits,” which are basic instincts that define animal reactions, similar to fear and hunger. They concluded, that animals have no emotions just from that simple idea. As time progressed however, people learned more about how animals’ minds work, and doubts became common.  Scientists began to think animals only feel what their […]

Zoe Corrigan

Zoë Corrigan, is 15 years old and just starting her Sophomore year.  She is an early bird, and very friendly. Zoë loves writing, reading, and drawing in her spare time, enjoying the company of her cat Apollo.  She has 4 cats, 2 dogs, a lizard, and a snake; 8 pets in total! Apollo, her brown and white cat, is her favorite of them all. She loves all animals, but is scared of her dad’s pet ball python. If she had any superpower, it would be teleportation. With that, she would be able to get to places faster, not get any cramps in […]