NTHS Student


What is a god? Is it a lie? A concept? A hope? Who knows, as we cannot prove nor disprove their existence, we shall never know what a god truly is. Though, if you want an answer, I could give you my opinion. A god, is whatever you want it to be. To one person, a god may be some higher being of greater power. To another, it may be a character in a tv show, or someone that they know. I believe that a god is simply a title, that is why a god can be everything, but at […]

The Middle, The End, The Beginning

“Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,” an hourglass in a void of black, a person on top of it, or maybe below it? It was unclear, because in a world of pure black, any sense of time and space was rendered null. The person of the hourglass had been there for all eternity, ticking and tocking for as long as they could remember. They knew not who they were, where they were, or even how they came to be. All they knew was that when the hourglass stops, they stop. The hourglass had been going for millennia, or […]

The World was Bound to go Eventually: Entry 1

April 16th, 2019 Tuesday Dear Diary,  This is a joke right? Yesterday everything was fine, it was normal. School was the same, I ate the same lunch as always, I passed by the same ice cream truck on the way home, and I went to sleep at 8:30 as usual. So why is this happening?   I woke up to the sensation of heat, a strange smell, and a crackling sound. At first I thought nothing of it and kept my eyes closed, but then I heard a screech. It was an awful sound that resounded in my ears. I […]

You Wanna Test That?

One day, during the school earthquake drill, Ms. Kassil’s 5th period STEM Physics Class had an interesting conversation. It appears that students often think that the ceiling tiles are extremely light, and don’t have much capability in the offensive front, so it was decided to simulate a situation where a tile would fall on a student during an earthquake. The class found that one ceiling tile is about 5.5 pounds, and that on average, the distance from the ceiling to an unsuspecting student’s head will be 4.25 feet. Since the tile will go about 5 miles per second, whatever it […]

Sarah Mariano – Photo Manager

Ever slept in a Philippine jungle while playing hide & seek? Well senior Sarah Mariano has done just that. Sarah is Filipino who doesn’t like the K-pop boy band BTS and didn’t go trick -or-treating; “I’m too old,” she said. Sarah enjoys singing, excelling at it. She enjoys Disney movies, the live action Lion King being her favorite. She likes writing; however, she doesn’t like reading because it “makes her dizzy”. Sarah wishes to protect the rights of the people by becoming a lawyer, but is undecided whether to pursue it or not. She is bilingual and speaks English, Tagalog, and has […]