NTHS Student


Procrastination, the reason behind many missing assignments and zeros in school. In many cases, procrastination makes our lives worse the more we subject ourselves to it. In fact, it is more harmful than it seems. If people procrastinate too much, it can cause serious anxiety. Having a desire for perfection can cause procrastination as well. Perfectionists often struggle when working on large projects to get over small  mistakes and keep going. Sometimes they stop working on assignments or totally restart when coming across a mistake.  Here are tips and tricks that might help avoid procrastination: Commit to tasks Simply stop […]

How Music Affects the Mind

Music has been proven to affect the mind in diverse ways, whether it be positively or negatively. People often use music to affect our minds, some even use music to affect their emotions. For example, using calming music during relaxing activities like yoga, meditation, or listening to fast-paced music while doing chores.  Little did we know that restaurant owners often use music to affect us. For instance, the music inside of a restaurant is often fast paced because people eat more food more quickly when the music is at a faster pace. Our minds are hardwired to react to different […]

Seanesey McGlynn-Myrick

Seanesey, new to North Thurston, is a great addition to the Journalism Class. She decided to join this class rather than taking Spanish, because she has a tough time learning a different language. Seanesey was in Honors English for middle school, and wants to study wildlife biology at a college in Oregon, so that she can become a wolf biologist. Danishes are her all time favorite food because of their crisp layers of pastry, and wonderfully flavored filling. Dark blue is her favorite color, preferring night over day. Seanesey also believes that dogs are better than cats. If she could have […]