NTHS Student

In The Trenches

Wow. This was an incredible experience to watch, the sound, the look, the sense of dread and the set designs are all so well done. What more can I say, this was a well made movie in my opinion. Sam Mendes, the director, created a film that captures the feel of what it would’ve been like in WWI, all with the help of a special type of technique the camera men uses called one shot.  1917 is about 2 soldiers going behind enemy lines to deliver orders in an attempt to halt a march that will lead a battalion of […]

RC Ram

RC (radio-controlled) racing if you’re confused, is when people get together and race miniature cars around a track in an attempt to get first place (basically a normal car racing game). Many people know about it but very few people actually do it. North Thurston’s very own Nic Morhous is one of those racers.  He is a fast and furious redhead Sophomore, with a passion for RC racing. He’s been doing this for 7 years now and he ain’t stopping anytime soon. His determination to be like his uncle has led him to be fast and on top of the […]

Insight of an Adolescent Boy

Cash Brown is a junior, who walks among us in this crazy whirlwind that we call North Thurston High School. Cash is just hanging on to the safety rope of life, trying not to get swept away in the dangerous vortex leading to our decaying life. A typical day for Cash, would be that similar to how every teenager is; waking up in the morning, eating breakfast (sometimes), soon after he goes to school while also contemplating the ceaseless existence of life.  Then he likes to spend time with his friends after school, though his schedule is currently busy with […]

Teenagers Best Friend?

Pets are a vital part of our social life. Whether it is a large animal such as a donkey, pig or even some cases a cow to the smallest known animals like hamsters, rats or a goldfish, they are our loving, caring, non-human companions. This is why picking one presents a very life changing decision for you.  Are you a person who likes the company of pets with a contained environment like fish, reptiles or hamsters. How about something small enough for you to hold close to you like a classic tabby cat and the goofy looking boston terriers. How […]

Top 10 Star Wars Films

Star Wars has been a cultural touchstone for almost 5 decades now. It’s hard to forget the one movie that started it all. George Lucas, the director of Star Wars, faced numerous backlash from releasing A New Hope and had doubts of his own if it would succeed. Nonetheless, he kept pushing too release the film and sought to see his dream come to reality. Once the theater doors opened, the world was taken away. Even after 11 movies and many books, TV shows and video games, it’s the juggernaut that still is going strong. Students will set time aside […]

A Pacific Theater

I’m a huge fan of war movies. The fire of a machine gun, the roaring power of tanks trampling over hills, and the desperate scenario of a soldier in the midst of all the brutality of war. Some of my favorite movies, Full Metal Jacket, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers and Platoon, are the films that I would watch to the end of time. So how does Midway compare to those other masterpieces? Well, let’s take a look. Midway is directed by Roland Emmerich and stars Luke Evans playing Wade McClusky, Woody Harrison playing Chester W. Nimitz, Patrick Wilson […]

A Man Who Laughs

The best word to describe this film is “artistic.” Joker is directed by Todd Philips, and is about Arthur Fleck (portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix) and his descent into his sad, yet sadistic madness, as he transforms into the widely popular super villain, the Joker. If you have seen Taxi Driver or King of Comedy, it definitely borrows heavily from those movies. The tone is deep and dark, yet not in an angsty way like previous DC movies. The actors do an outstanding job with their performances; Joaquin Phoenix is a marvel to see. His performance as someone with mental illness, […]

Lylian Rhodes

Lilyan Rhoads is a senior here at North Thurston High School. She is relaxed when she needs to be, but strong when it comes to the arts. She enjoys all aspects of NTHS but with one exception – waking up at 6 am. This is the year of relaxation for her. Lilyan is enjoying the sweet satisfaction of being in her favorite classes like pottery and creative writing; she’s a real “art wiz.” The reason for her joining this years Journalism Class is one, she enjoys writing and thinks that it can further improve her skills, and two, it’ll look […]