NTHS Student

The Stories People Tell

This is a collection of poems written by students in Ms. Anderson’s English class. The stories tell us of people’s lives and what the average person may not know about them. You can see that this is told from students of different backgrounds but who came together to get their stories out. We are proud to show these well deserving stories to a broader audience.  Please notice that some poems are written by two or three students and how they compare, how they are different and how they come together.  If you wish to have your own artwork, stories, poems […]

Alex Martinez

Alex, is a junior starting his year off strong and ready to write. He enjoys the social aspect of school, but does find some challenges.  This year he has big plans! Alex wants to look into colleges and see about acquiring a car and/or a job. He chose the Journalism Class because he wanted to “test the waters”. He also thought this class would improve his writing; this would help with his goal to become a fiction author.  His inspiration is “Lord of the Rings”, which aided his appreciation for movies and acting. Due to his love for films, he […]