Multicultural Club Creates Community

The Multicultural Club at North Thurston is a fantastic place to help students find their own voices. The club celebrates and displays the diverse students of North Thurston, with assembly performances that include cultural dances. On May 15, after several years, the group is bringing back the Multicultural Assembly which has created a sensational feeling for the club members… an assembly that relays the message of unity and diversity will continue to be celebrated once again.  The Multicultural Club not only teaches students the importance of diversity at school, but also provides a platform to discuss current controversial issues. Leaders […]

Andrew Galbraith

Andrew Galbraith, is a 17 year old senior here at North Thurston High School. He lives with his mom, dad, grandma, brother and sister.  This artistically involved student is in theater and choir, and even went to a performing arts school from 6th to 8th grade. Andrew says he has always liked singing; he’s been doing so since 6th grade, so for about 7 years now. He also went to Disneyland with the choir! Andrew considers the best part of his high school career to be participating in music and theater. On the flip side, he says the most challenging […]

A Musical Mathematician

Michael Larson, also called by students Mr. Larson, is a math teacher here at North Thurston High School. Being an addition to the math department, he has taught the classes Precalculus, Geometry, Algebra II, Algebra I, ELL Algebra I, and Pre-algebra. In 2008 Mr. Larson started his teaching career, and taught social studies, then moved onto 6th and 7th grade math, before coming to NTHS. When asked why he moved on from teaching social studies to math, Mr. Larson said he liked how some students were able to see the math in different ways, and there were new ways of […]

Democratic Nominee votes

Thank you to everyone who voted on the survey and gave us feedback! We would like to explain that the reason that the survey was titled Democratic Nominee is because the only Republican running is president Donald Trump, and the Democrats are currently deciding on their candidate. Many of you decided to separately vote for him anyway, so we included it in the pie chart below. There were also many votes in the other section but they did not fit the theme of this survey and were off topic. We held a separate survey where students could make any comments […]


What is a god? Is it a lie? A concept? A hope? Who knows, as we cannot prove nor disprove their existence, we shall never know what a god truly is. Though, if you want an answer, I could give you my opinion. A god, is whatever you want it to be. To one person, a god may be some higher being of greater power. To another, it may be a character in a tv show, or someone that they know. I believe that a god is simply a title, that is why a god can be everything, but at […]

Joseph Quintanilla

Joseph Quintanilla is a 17-year-old Junior. He is new to the RamPage and is looking forward to the work he can do writing-wise, as it’s a significant departure from his past hobby of sports. Joseph used to be very invested in sports, having played both baseball and basketball. Although he isn’t currently playing, due to scheduling, sports remain an impactful part of his life, with many of his role models being from the industry.  Joseph has three sisters, two of which are currently serving in the air force, with the other working in Vancouver to become a cosmetologist. With his […]

Emily Purington

Emily Purington, is a 17 year old Senior at North Thurston High School, who loves poetry. Emily joined the Journalism Class just this semester of the 2020 class year, and has been a great addition to the RamPage staff!  Emily’s passion and love for poetry, inspired her to be part of the Thurston poetry slam team, Louder Than A Bomb. Performing a poem in front of an audience at first was terrifying and uncomfortable for Emily, but with help from a teacher and some friends, she gained confidence.  Last year, one of Emily’s newest achievements was being nominated for North […]

5 Study Tips

Many students spend long hours studying and preparing for exams, which ultimately increases stress and anxiety. Developing efficient study skills and habits can help you perform better in class and on exams. These 5 tips may help you become better at studying. 1) Space It Out  Hours of constant studying can lead to excess stress and tension that can burn you out. However, “spaced repetition” involves breaking up the information into small chunks and reviewing them constantly.  2) A Designated Study Space  Distractions while trying to study can challenge your focus, and you can lose your   concentration. Find a […]

In The Trenches

Wow. This was an incredible experience to watch, the sound, the look, the sense of dread and the set designs are all so well done. What more can I say, this was a well made movie in my opinion. Sam Mendes, the director, created a film that captures the feel of what it would’ve been like in WWI, all with the help of a special type of technique the camera men uses called one shot.  1917 is about 2 soldiers going behind enemy lines to deliver orders in an attempt to halt a march that will lead a battalion of […]

RC Ram

RC (radio-controlled) racing if you’re confused, is when people get together and race miniature cars around a track in an attempt to get first place (basically a normal car racing game). Many people know about it but very few people actually do it. North Thurston’s very own Nic Morhous is one of those racers.  He is a fast and furious redhead Sophomore, with a passion for RC racing. He’s been doing this for 7 years now and he ain’t stopping anytime soon. His determination to be like his uncle has led him to be fast and on top of the […]

Alex Martinez – Assistant Editor

Warm welcome to our new assistant editor for the RamPage, Alex Martinez! Alex is a Junior here at North Thurston, and is a part of the thrilling sport, wrestling. He thoroughly enjoys wrestling and has for over two years. He also plays rugby in his off time from wrestling. One of Alex’s memorable achievements was when he placed 3rd in his weight training class last year. He also insisted on adding the fact that he won a trophy in 3rd grade for most eaten chips during a classroom competition. Some things people might not know about Alex is that he […]

Review of Supreme Spring Summer 2020

With Supreme announcing its next upcoming season Spring Summer 2020 we have a lot to be looking forward to. As of right now we don’t have much to review because they have yet to release the full preview but they did provide us die hard supreme fans and resellers with a teaser. In the teaser photo we can see what seems to be an all over print hoodie displaying all kinds of dollar bills on fire. On top of that hoodie the model is spotted sporting a tan denim jacket with the famous supreme “arc” logo spelt out by the […]

What We Know – Halloween Kills 2020

Halloween (2018)–or Halloween Returns–will have it’s 2 year anniversary in October, and is celebrating with the next installment in the Halloween film series.  40 years ago, the serial killer Michael Myers was shown to all audiences across the globe and has since become an icon, along with his revival, Laurie Strode. The 1977 masterpiece, Halloween, has spurred numerous sequels, books, toys, etc., but in 2018 the series was rebooted completely, leaving the original and new Halloween to be the only canonical film in the series. Movie-goers loved the newest installment rating it “fresh” on RottenTomatoes, and begging for a sequel. […]

Democratic Primary

What up Rams! The RamPage staff need your responses! Please fill out the two surveys below and expect a new article discussing the results from the results. Keep in mind, one of the surveys is anonymous while the other one is NOT. Anonymous Democratic Nominee Survey Extra comments if any on the nominees (Not Anonymous)

70’s 80’s Sadies!

What’s popping Rams! We’re happy to announce that we will be hosting a 70’s and 80’s themed dance on February 28th. The dance will be from 8:30PM-10:30PM. All the tickets will be sold at the door; $15 without ASB and $10 with ASB. The dance itself will take place in the North Thurston commons. In order to purchase your ticket, you must be a current North Thurston High School student and have a current NTHS ID. Make sure to bring your best 70’s 80’s gear for the best dance you’ve ever been to!

The Importance of Serious Plays

The NTHS Drama department is currently hard at work on our spring production of The Children’s Hour by playwright Lillian Hellman, who is known as a provocative and controversial social activist of the 1900s. This show was cause for controversy as it depicted the two main characters, Karen Wright and Martha Dobie, ruined after they were accused of being lovers, which, during the period it was written in, would be considered sinful, or unusual. This show follows our last year’s winter production, which was a production of The Miracle Worker, which is a play based on the life of Helen […]

Meet our FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)!

Clara Hoyte, FBLA president, has an exciting announcement to make, Congratulations to the future business members who attended the competitive conference at great wolf lodge on february 7th. Winners are as follows: Broadcast Journalism – Clara Hoyte, Bane Morgan Business Law – Tyler Mayberry-Meskel Client Service – Ellie Hebert Computer Problem Solving – Alexander Humburg Introduction to Business Communication – Hunter McKay Introduction to Business Presentation – Ellie Herbert, Tyler Mayberry-Meskel Introduction to FBLA – Hunter McKay Introduction to Financial Math – Tyler Mayberry-Meskel Introduction to Public Speaking – Bane Morgan Journalism – Manuary Mora-Ibarra Word Processing – Alexander Humberg Website Design […]

Survey for sweets!

Please fill out the surveys below and receive a LOLLIPOP from the Entrepreneurship class. Here’s how it works: Fill out the surveys. Take a screenshot of the “Thanks for taking the survey.” message. Show the screenshot to the Entrepreneurship students at lunch until the suckers are all gone! You get a sucker! Survey #1 Survey #2

Meet our Marketing/DECA Students!

25 Marketing and DECA students from North Thurston High School were qualified to compete at the State DECA Career Conference. There were approximately 170 students competing to be in the top 3 for different categories and earn their spot to compete at the state level. North Thurston High School registered 32 students to compete and 24 qualified. It was an amazing competition and North Thurston DECA students once again proved their strong determination in the competition. State DECA is March 5, 6 and 7th in Bellevue Washington. Taking 1st place and earning top spot to compete at state                 Yesica Rios […]

We Mustn’t Be Silent

February is Black History Month. A time where all the great persons of color who have improved our society, are celebrated. On February 5th, some students participated in the “Day of Silence,” a day in which silence is held to commemorate those who are and have been affected by racism from both harassment, physical violence, and/or even death. It is incredibly serious and I cannot stress that enough, but after February 5th we can no longer be silent. The greatest way to show respect and appreciation to those who we have lost is to stand up for them, fight for […]

The Middle, The End, The Beginning

“Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,” an hourglass in a void of black, a person on top of it, or maybe below it? It was unclear, because in a world of pure black, any sense of time and space was rendered null. The person of the hourglass had been there for all eternity, ticking and tocking for as long as they could remember. They knew not who they were, where they were, or even how they came to be. All they knew was that when the hourglass stops, they stop. The hourglass had been going for millennia, or […]

The Day Of Silence

Hello Students, This week is Black Lives Matter Week. Teaching Tolerance explains that the goal is “to challenge structural and systemic racism while centering the lives of black students inside and outside the classroom.” On Wednesday, February 5th, some of our fellow students may choose to participate in a “Day of Silence.” This event is NOT a school or district sponsored event. They may be wearing red duct tape across their mouths to symbolize the day of silence. We ask that you do not make fun of them or antagonize them in any way, and that you respect their choice […]


Procrastination, the reason behind many missing assignments and zeros in school. In many cases, procrastination makes our lives worse the more we subject ourselves to it. In fact, it is more harmful than it seems. If people procrastinate too much, it can cause serious anxiety. Having a desire for perfection can cause procrastination as well. Perfectionists often struggle when working on large projects to get over small  mistakes and keep going. Sometimes they stop working on assignments or totally restart when coming across a mistake.  Here are tips and tricks that might help avoid procrastination: Commit to tasks Simply stop […]

What is happening to the Arctic?

The place that was once known for its ice-covered land and its beautifully crafted glaciers is now melting away faster than we ever imagined. The Arctic is always covered in ice year-round, but when the winter season hits, it gets a temporary ice plain that covers its shores and stretches far out into the sea. (3)According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, that temporary ice is dying, becoming smaller and smaller each year, leaving animals short of their much-needed hunting and resting grounds. With the sea ice melting more each year some people wonder how much longer the […]

Thurston Unified!

Ms. Laverty has a message for everyone: Hi everyone! Just another reminder that Thurston Unified is a club that allows high school students with and without disabilities to play on a school team together. Furthermore, if you have any of my athletes (people with disabilities) or partners (people without disabilities) in your classes, and you have a moment, invite them to share their experience in Unified! It’s a great opportunity to get the Unified message out in front of the general education students and the community so they can learn more about the acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities. […]

MLK Celebration: What Happened? – Opinion

It has been a little over a week since we last experienced the advisory presentations regarding Martin Luther King, but the news is still smoking hot. It was apparent to all students that there would be no assembly and when the RamPage sent out a survey it showed that 68.8% of students who responded would much rather see an assembly than sit through and interact with another advisory project.  Ms. Reed, our activity director, has since told me (the Chief Editor of the RamPage) that there in fact will be a national speaker by the name of Mike Smith. Mike […]

The Stories People Tell

This is a collection of poems written by students in Ms. Anderson’s English class. The stories tell us of people’s lives and what the average person may not know about them. You can see that this is told from students of different backgrounds but who came together to get their stories out. We are proud to show these well deserving stories to a broader audience.  Please notice that some poems are written by two or three students and how they compare, how they are different and how they come together.  If you wish to have your own artwork, stories, poems […]

Teenagers Best Friend?

Pets are a vital part of our social life. Whether it is a large animal such as a donkey, pig or even some cases a cow to the smallest known animals like hamsters, rats or a goldfish, they are our loving, caring, non-human companions. This is why picking one presents a very life changing decision for you.  Are you a person who likes the company of pets with a contained environment like fish, reptiles or hamsters. How about something small enough for you to hold close to you like a classic tabby cat and the goofy looking boston terriers. How […]

College vs. Trade School – Which is the better choice?

Everybody will be in a different position, some lucky enough to afford to get into the university of their choice, and some having to settle for something that isn’t their first choice. Whether you have graduated or are still in high school, sooner or later you will be deciding whether you should enroll in a college, or a trade school.  Though there are lots of options for students who want to go to school. The government offers financial aid, while thousands of scholarships are awarded to students based on their academic standing.  Many considerations go into choosing between a college […]

18 Things to Know Before You Turn 18

Turning 18 is a big deal. Not just for your parents, but also for yourself . You may think at the age of 18 you know everything, but you may want to think again; even a 23 years old still doesn’t know what they want to be. Here are 18 points you should know before you turn 18. 1. School is not forever Every high school student has had enough of school, but know that you will not stay in school forever. Time goes by really fast, and before you know it, you’re out of high school. Treasure every moment […]

5 Health Benefits of Cuddling

Reduce stress:  When you cuddle with someone you love and care, the body releases a hormone called Oxycontin, (the “love hormone”) which calms you as you make physical contact with another human. For example, laughing or having deep, heart-to-heart conversation with that person can, lower levels of stress hormones. Helps you sleep: Oxytocin is like a potion because of its effects. The more your body is relaxed and comfortable, the easier it is to fall asleep. Especially when you are with the person you love, it makes it more comfy, and makes you just want to snooze off. Relieves Pain:  […]

How Music Affects the Mind

Music has been proven to affect the mind in diverse ways, whether it be positively or negatively. People often use music to affect our minds, some even use music to affect their emotions. For example, using calming music during relaxing activities like yoga, meditation, or listening to fast-paced music while doing chores.  Little did we know that restaurant owners often use music to affect us. For instance, the music inside of a restaurant is often fast paced because people eat more food more quickly when the music is at a faster pace. Our minds are hardwired to react to different […]

What does playing video games do for you?

When it comes to playing video games, Senior Seneth Lacdag is a minority in a sea of mostly male competitors. After school, this lively, happy girl comes home excitedly to sit down and have the controller in her hands ready to go into battle. Seneth gave reasons as to why video games can help you. 1. Helps people memorize patterns When playing chess, patterns begin to appear. In a way it’s like playing Tetris–it creates brain activities. Patterns can be applied anywhere. For example, when talking to people, their action can be predicted based on how they act. 2. Connects […]

The World was Bound to go Eventually: Entry 1

April 16th, 2019 Tuesday Dear Diary,  This is a joke right? Yesterday everything was fine, it was normal. School was the same, I ate the same lunch as always, I passed by the same ice cream truck on the way home, and I went to sleep at 8:30 as usual. So why is this happening?   I woke up to the sensation of heat, a strange smell, and a crackling sound. At first I thought nothing of it and kept my eyes closed, but then I heard a screech. It was an awful sound that resounded in my ears. I […]

You Wanna Test That?

One day, during the school earthquake drill, Ms. Kassil’s 5th period STEM Physics Class had an interesting conversation. It appears that students often think that the ceiling tiles are extremely light, and don’t have much capability in the offensive front, so it was decided to simulate a situation where a tile would fall on a student during an earthquake. The class found that one ceiling tile is about 5.5 pounds, and that on average, the distance from the ceiling to an unsuspecting student’s head will be 4.25 feet. Since the tile will go about 5 miles per second, whatever it […]

Positivity to thrifting

“Balling on a budget,” for anyone that doesn’t know what balling on a budget means, it essentially means looking your best, but on a small or limited budget. Being a student who pays for his own clothes, I understand the struggle of paying these high price tags for clothes, and if you’re anything like me, and love clothes, these high prices are a big problem when balling on a budget. Now I have a solution for all of your problems… thrifting! For you all that don’t know what thrifting is, basically it’s stores that sell second hand or brand new […]

Welcome to the RamPage!

Rams! Welcome to your school’s newspaper! The RamPage is an educational and fun outlook to all students. It is full of entertaining articles on your school and local community, dates and information on school dances and activities, and even essays on controversial topics.  Our little group of editors consists of our lead editor, Max Nelson, our two assistant editors Manaury Mora-Ibarra and Alex Martinez, Brittany Rogers, the managing editor, and our six other editors: Ryan Hagenlock, Oliver Blum, Seanesey Myrick, Joseph Quintanilla, Andrew Galbraith, and Emily Purington. All of us are thrilled to have re-kindled Thurston’s newspaper. We are continuing […]

Sarah Mariano – Photo Manager

Ever slept in a Philippine jungle while playing hide & seek? Well senior Sarah Mariano has done just that. Sarah is Filipino who doesn’t like the K-pop boy band BTS and didn’t go trick -or-treating; “I’m too old,” she said. Sarah enjoys singing, excelling at it. She enjoys Disney movies, the live action Lion King being her favorite. She likes writing; however, she doesn’t like reading because it “makes her dizzy”. Sarah wishes to protect the rights of the people by becoming a lawyer, but is undecided whether to pursue it or not. She is bilingual and speaks English, Tagalog, and has […]

Nova Destroyer of Worlds- an interview

Nova may seem like a normal cat, however, with a nickname like the bourgeoisie, she is so much more. Nova has a plan for the ultimate cat takeover, she will not let anyone stand in her way. Her neighborhood is full of strays, ferals, and kitty pets alike, and they all report to her. Nova has spies everywhere, listening to every bit of data they can get their hands on.  Nova has agreed to be interviewed to send a warning to the humans. A warning that says: “The cats are coming, so the humans better be ready”, Nova will not […]

Private: Brittany Rogers – Class of 2021

Brittany is in her senior year at North Thurston High School. She can be fairly quiet, but upon getting to know her, she is quite the talker. Some of her favorite activities in her free time are drawing and reading. She points out that these meditating hobbies help relax her during such stressful times as these. Something that not a lot of people might not know about her is that she used to play Fastpitch, but after a few years of playing in middle school and early high school, she decided to give her full attention to her school activities. […]

Private: The Story of Andrew – Class of 2021

His name is Thanathat Teamkitti, but he prefers to go by Andrew. His pronouns are he/him and he’s a senior at North Thurston high school. He’s in a family of six, out of his siblings he’s the youngest, everyone else in the family works. In terms of favorite people, he has none because he likes anyone who’s respectful and kind. He doesn’t own a pet but he likes dogs because he thinks they can do tricks. Andrew has actually played an important role in the multicultural club, he would run the clubs social media.  He’s mentioned being on a dance […]

Private: An Interview with Shane Avery

An Image of a sports field

Shane Avery is a senior here at North Thurston, who has participated in cross country, as well as renaissance, honor society, and is a class officer. He is also a Boy Scout and an Eagle Scout.  Shane Avery got involved with cross country because he was interested in running for sport, and has been in cross country all of his high school years. He became involved with school clubs to try and further his high school career, he has also been with the Boy Scouts for years. Some past achievements of his include running a 5k in over four minutes, […]

Is the Future Folding?

Folding phones are a relatively recent development in the smartphone industry with the Royole FlexPai narrowly beating Samsung and Huawei. Currently, there are two different categories of folding phones, which are the book-style and clam shell variants. The book-style offers a narrow build that unfolds to reveal a tablet size screen. At the same time, the clam shell has an average, modern screen that folds to become a more compact package. Folding phones appear to be an attractive trend as many significant companies are beginning to craft their version. Samsung, for instance, has already released two separate variants. Meanwhile, Apple […]

What can your Handwriting say about your Personality?

Someone’s handwriting can say a lot about their personality and how they think. There are actually over 5,000 personality traits that your handwriting can suggest you have. Messy handwriting Not everyone has perfect handwriting, in fact, some people can have very messy handwriting. When you have messy handwriting, you usually write very fast and don’t pay attention to detailing your letters very much. You just want to get stuff done, the more you write the better! If you have messy handwriting you might be: Intelligent Creative Independent thinker Fast learner Pretty handwriting When someone has pretty handwriting it means they go […]

Ways of Greeting in Different Countries

Do you ever wonder how people greet in other countries? A warm handshake is usually the way of greeting in many western countries, while in other places they have their own unique ways of greeting. Below are 5 kinds of greetings from Tibet, Middle East, Africa, Malaysia, and Asia. Tibet: Tibetans stick their tongues out as a greeting in traditional Tibetan culture to show that they come in peace, and to also show that they are not one of the cruel kings that have black tongues. Middle East: Middle Easterners shake hands to greet. Just a heads up fist bumping […]